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    Am I getting too old for this game ?

    I was surveying a few ladies that I might visit later this week when I came across a lady that was my kind of woman.
    Now I noticed she has 36 favourites, I mean how can you have that many ? But it gets better her last reviewer was not a happy punter, he was upset that she didn't provide all her favourites , feck sake it was a 30 minute booking.

    I don't know what the rest of you boys are like but by the time I'm out of the shower and on the bed there's only time for a few variations and a finish . If I was to explore her 36 faves I'd need the rest of the year .

    Am I too old or are some people just full of shit ?

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    I doubt if he was looking for all 36. Just the ones he wanted weren't available.
    Things like fk or owo can be a deal breaker for some and ruin the whole booking for them if they were advertised and not available. I know everything is at the ladies discretion and depends on many factors including hygiene. But I would guess that's the likely scenario.

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