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Thread: Prolonging the climax

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    Default Prolonging the climax

    Whenever I masturbate, I have alway for many years prolonged the ejaculation for as long as possible, usually while watching different porn videos. So now it appears that I have a proclivity to last until the last few minutes of an appointment with my chosen escort. Is this acceptable behaviour or is there something wrong with me?

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    I'd see a doctor...that sounds very serious!
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    I love to edge myself and really build up the tension and the load. I tend to do intermittent wanking where if I was feeling horny I'd have a bit of a tug but won't allow myself to cum. I'll do this a few times a day usually over 3 days but have kept it going for up to a week on some occasions. I think the longest I've done it for was 10 days.

    It's great having that build up of sexual energy over a long period of time and when my balls get so tender that it's nearly hard to walk I release myself with an explosive intense orgasm. It's absolutely incredible. Of course there are times when I just feel like a quick wank but most of the time I edge myself.

    If I'm planning to visit an escort I will always edge myself for 2 or 3 days beforehand an fill myself up with sexual energy in anticipation of the meeting. It's great.

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