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Thread: Escorts Not Allowing Reviews

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    To me Escorts who do not allow reviews = BAD SERVICE

    So I don't know why so many escorts do not allow reviews.

    I simply would not visit an escort unless she allows reviews.

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    Well, let's put it this way love. Sometimes a bad review isn't necessarily a bad service, a review is just a point of view from a different perspective. But as someone once said to me 'bad things are more often seen more relevant than good things' some people might put the accent on that one bad thing. Hence, the business not being good, hence, closing down reviews. I know a girl who used to work here, had only positive reviews, but closed them.

    I asked her why, given the fact that she had spotless reviews and she said. It's no one's job to know what you are doing in the bedroom, because some people only judge you by those things. And you have to keep the bar high, otherwise you will get complaints like 'but you did that with that client and you didn't wanna do it with me'

    There are a lot of reasons why some girls don't allow reviews, not necessarily because they don't know how to do their job xxx
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