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    She sees him a few times hanging around, he is older than she is, he is handsome, she is immediately attracted to him. He seems confident, he looks good, he's suave, wears nice clothes and has a nice car. He seems popular, he always has friends with him, they laugh and seem like a crowd she would like to be a part of. He, by chance one day meets her on his own, he talks to her, she's surprised that he has any interest in her. He takes her for a drive in his nice car, he tells her that she is beautiful, she is bashful but inside is elated. He takes her for a meal, he takes her shopping, buys her some nice things. She is smitten with him, he's so cool, she loves been with him, he treats her like a princess.

    He sees her more and more, when he's not there she can't stop thinking about him. The time comes when that they are inseparable, always together, his friends tease him, but he doesn't seem to care. She doesn't care about her studies anymore, not much about her family. He is all that she wants. He tells her that he loves her, that he wants to be with her forever, have a life and a family with her, she loves him and this is all that she wants too. They have some great times together. He is hard and strong when they are with his friends, but when alone with her he is kind, caring and sensitive. Only she sees the real him.

    Her parents don't like that she spends so much time with him. They don't like him, he is older, they are suspicious of him. They don't trust him and they can see how she is changing since she has met him. They tell her that she can't see him anymore. She goes crazy, her parents don't understand her like he does, she argues, she screams, she says she hates them, she says some hateful things. They give her an ultimatum, she gives them an ultimatum. They don't want her with him, they are stubborn and she won't budge, they say that she is not welcome there anymore. They wont talk to her, she swears that she will never see them again.

    She goes to him, he understands her, he knows her. He tells her that everything will be alright, that they will build a life together, make a family and they will be happy, that he will take care of her. She is happy, she is hopeful. She quickly forgets about her family. She has him, he makes her feel good, he takes care of her, he is her family now. She is devoted to him, he is everything. They hang around with his friends and their girlfriends all the time. They are the cool couple of the group, she likes this and the attention that she gets from others, she feels important.

    After a while, things start to change, he seems troubled, she becomes worried. She asks him what is wrong, he just says that everything is ok. He seems distant, she doesn't like to see him like this. She insists that he tell her what is wrong, finally he opens up, he tells her that he owes money to people. Money that he doesn't have, to people that will hurt him if he doesn't pay. He doesn't know what he can do, he says that he has no real options, he has to pay but he doesn't have the money. She is frightened for him, she doesn't sleep much, she worries about him, she needs him. Everything is tense, they don't talk as much as before, she wants to help him but doesn't know how. They argue over meaningless things, she feels helpless, useless. It is all she can think about, she worries more and more, she is unable to help him. She is losing him.

    He tells her that the people will let the debt go, if she has sex with another man, one of them. She says no, she is appalled that he would ask her this. He pushes the issue, says that if she really loved him she would do it, to clear him from this debt. He says he doesn't like it, but that he can't see any other way. She says no. He tells her that it will only be her body, not her mind, not her soul, that she can keep these things for him alone. She says no. He accepts her decision and says that she is right and that he will find another way, he promises not to speak of it again. Things get a little better but there is still a tension hanging over them.

    He meets with his friends, he tells them to make it look realistic. They are his partners, in this for the same thing, but he gets all the fun with her, they don't really like him too much, they feel that he is too arrogant. They make it look realistic.

    She comes home and finds him bruised and beaten. She screams and rushes to him to help, he pushes her away. She cries, he shouts at her that she doesn't love him, she could have stopped this and that more is come, she could have stopped this, he screams that she doesn't love him. He walks out, she sobs, her heart is broken to see him hurt like this. She doesn't sleep, she thinks all night. He returns the next morning, everything is silent, awkward. She embraces him, he groans through pain and pushes her away. She sits for a moment before saying that she will see the other man if it means that he would be safe, stop this from happening again. He says he doesn't want her to do it, that he knows that she doesn't want it. She insists and says that she just wants things to go back to the way they were before, that she will do it for them. He asks her if she is sure, she says she is. He walks to the other room and makes a call, he returns and says that they have to go somewhere the next day, that he will drive her there.

    She meets the other man. He waits outside. They don't talk on the drive home. They don't talk much over the next few days. She doesn't understand, she thought that this would bring things to the way they were before. Everything is still tense, he is still distant, she is still losing him. Days drag through awkward silence, she doesn't know what to do. He talks to her finally, tells her that he is clear of what he owed, that he is safe, that they can finally start to plan for their life together. Things are good between them. She rejoices, he is happy again. They have a future ahead of them, they talk about baby names, they will have a life together. He is looking for work, they may have to travel, they make plans. She dreams.

    He comes home late one night, he tells her that the other man had a really good time with her, that he wants to do it again, that he will pay. He says that the other man is willing to pay handsomely to see her again, that this is a way that they can get some money, to start to make a plan for their life together. She doesn't want to do it. He tells her that she can make a lot of money for them, if she does it again a few more times, money that will allow them to have a family, to make plans for their future. This is all she really wants, to be with him, she has no one else, her family are gone, her friends are really his friends, she needs him. She agrees. He says that he will arrange things.

    He tells her that he won't see her for a few days, he is busy with a new opportunity that might make them some money, he has to travel. He tells her that one of his friends will pick her up and take her to a hotel room, the other man will visit her there, she can stay there for a while, until he comes back. He says that his friend will take care of the money with the other man, so that she doesn't have to worry about it. He packs her things, puts his things in a separate bag, he kisses her deeply and says that he will see her again soon, that he loves her. He leaves. His friend comes to pick her up, takes her to the hotel, tells her not to worry, that everything has been taken care of. She waits in the room, there is a knock on the door, it is the other man, she lets him in.

    She thinks of him, where is he, what is he doing, she misses him and wants to talk to him but his phone is dead. There is another knock on the door, she answers. She waits for days to hear from him, there are many more knocks on the door, she answers them all. She doesn't know what to do or where to go, she has no one, she needs him. He calls her from a different number, she jumps with excitement when she hears his voice. He tells her that he has been having problems, but that he hopes to be able to come back to her soon, that he might have money for them. He says that there is a problem with the hotel, that his friend is going to take her to stay in another hotel, she can stay there for a few days. She asks him questions, but he hurries on the phone and says that he hopes to see her soon. She goes to the new hotel with his friend, she waits for him, she answers the knocks on the door, each time hoping that it will be him.

    She waits.

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