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    Hi, I have been thinking about meeting a TS for awhile and now I'm going to do it.
    At the moment Rebeca Satto, Raica Ferrari and Carol are all currently advertising in Dublin at the moment.
    I have looked at all reviews and I like all 3 of them.
    As my first time was wondering would anyone have some tips or have anyone meet any of the 3 before and could suggest who would be best for first time.
    If anyone wants to PM that would be great.

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    Its a tough one...

    One of the tv girls i met knows Rebecca & pointed me her way, but i have not seen her.

    In saying all that, to keep balance, all of the ts girls are stunning.

    Stick to reliable girls who allow reviews and go from there. Narrow down what you want / like and choose a lady.

    You will hear here time & time again, do not take a chance on ppl who do not allow reviews.

    Happy hunting.

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    Imo Carol is the winner here... She is gorgeous... She was my first also.
    Saying that raica is lovely too although quite frankly her cock is massive so if that's your thing go for it.. Haven't seen Rebecca..... Yet
    Anyhow my tupence worth....

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