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Thread: TS numbers low

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    Default TS numbers low

    Ive noticed over the last few weeks numbers have dropped i available TS. Everyone still on holidays??

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    Could be any number of reasons...

    The fact its January & ppl have no money maybe (?).

    Put it this way, if the demand was stronger there would be more ts here.

    I wish i had more money!!
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    What is the high numbers for you then Will you meet all of them? There were 3 ts in your city last time i was there but you didn't meet all us 3 for gangbang afterall

    Anyway if you go to the ei escort page, it say there are 25 ts but if you scroll down the escort page and click the Ts Escorts icon, you will see there are 28 ts advertising atm. Wonder why they have different numbers?
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