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    Hello bloggers. I saw your newest entry today. This in response to that entry:

    I feel bad that C&M had trouble in their hotel. I do hope that they are able to return and work in Ireland one day and see all their regular clients again. I am sorry that they had to go thru alot of bad comments here on this website, myself adding some fighting, and more tension to their stress. I am sure they felt very violated when the police looked at their ID's and saw their real names. I'm sure they felt scared and didnt know what to do. These kinds of events make us go into shock. They have said they are doing some new things in Spain. I hope then they are enjoying those things and forgetting the bad things that happened to them.

    As for their looks. I do not know what they look like. I did look at their profile, and they have nice bodies. But they dont show their faces. Anyway, As for Liz saying you are ugly, she said alot of mean things to them. She said they are ugly, and I dont know if she has or hasnt seen them. I think we all said mean things to each other. I think we should stop saying mean things to each other. It is difficult to get out of shock after something tragic happens. We should never have said so many things to hurt each other.

    I do wish them safety in Spain, or Ireland, or wherever they tour. And hope they recover from their shock of having police go to them in Ireland. I think they can go back to Ireland, since they are EU citizens. So they shouldnt worry about not being let back in. They will be let back in.

    I do mean this apology and the words in it. I think now, it will be a great relief for me to see you not include me any more in your blog.

    Thankyou and sincerely, Dolly Darling
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