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Thread: When are Clients TOO OLD

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    Default When are Clients TOO OLD

    As most TS/TV escorts are under 30yo, what age do they think that clients are too old? e.g- Most 19yo Escorts wouldn't want a client in their 50's.

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    all depends on the escort and what there comfortable with but different age groups may get different services
    on the age debate i find some of the ages very misleading which is annoying and im not talking about a couple of years

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    I am over 30 and have no problem with age young or old is not a matter to me. Did i treated you differently Carl? You got more than that
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    As I get older it is something that concerns me. I can only deal with the things I can influence. I treat every visit as a date. I shower, shave brush teeth and try to make myself as presentable as possible. Also I would never argue over the fee. We agree on the phone and that is that. Hopefully I have another decade at least in me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl38uk View Post
    Most 19yo Escorts wouldn't want a client in their 50's.
    Who the fuck told you that?

    Most escorts prefer older clients because they aren't trying to prove anything and treat the escort better. Escorts don't see age they only see €

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    If you got the money you can fuck it, age beauty, size etc. are irrelevant

    Exhibit 1:

    I rest my case m'lud.

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