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    So tell me does an escort called Melise from Hungary set up in Limerick (profile now gone) have her photos verified as real when the photos are taken from a video by the glam model and cam model Sophia Knight, which she did for Twisty's?...she formerly of Babestation???? Unless it was her???? Which I I come back to my original on earth were these photos verified as real???? i think we deserve an answer.... oh and I've contacted Sophia Knight to see what the story is..waiting for her to get back to me...
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    How could you be certain she was from Hungary? ;-)
    10,000 years of Middle Eastern civilisation and the place is not at peace but rather in pieces.

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    How could you be certain she was from Hungary? ;-)
    Well she had a really Glaswegian accent hence Hungary :P

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    I went to see Melise, Nice girl, photos resembled her. Service was a bit rushed but did all I asked. Very pretty, don't know what the fuss is about.

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