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Thread: Users that have been perma-band?

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    Default Users that have been perma-band?

    I noticed this just now as, an old thread was resurrected.

    Not only users but, actual escorts.

    I recall a couple weeks ago, apparently there was some distasteful posts made over the weekend and, there was a bunch of bans made on Monday morning.

    Hell, I was banned myself.
    I felt it wasn't justified however. In fact, I was kind of mystified, so I contact the forum team.
    They lifted the ban and replaced it with a week long account freeze.
    I believe it was only implemented initially cause some negative-nancy reported a bunch of my posts as being derogatory when, in actual fact, there wasn't the slightest derogatory thing about them.
    The mods checked them out, verified this, and I was restored to functionality.

    But, I noticed in that thread I mentioned that, two escorts - Lucy Chambers and LadyVonTeese - had been perma-band, and remain perma-band.

    I'm curious cause, previous to that, their posts seem to convey a good deal of clarity and, I mean, they didn't seem to be posting nonsense or derisory content.

    As well as this, of course, being escorts and contributing financially to the site, you gotta think they did something pretty heinous to get perma-band, no?

    Now just to clarify.
    This. Is. Not - white knighting.
    This is just, well, curiosity I guess.

    What did they do/say/post, that resulting in such swift/harsh punishment?
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    I forget about Lucy Chambers. But LVT, Christ wept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieX View Post
    They're like sisters at this point....
    Last edited by SophieX; Today at 23:33. Reason: no jokes on the ugly one.... please xx
    unfair to insult them here when they have no right to reply especially when you like to play like it's all just an amusing way to pass your time. it would be better to say whatever you have to about them there and say nothing here imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieX View Post
    Cinderella's sisters have made enough rude remarks about me over the road.

    I will defend myself here.

    The only website in Ireland worth advertising on.

    Relax, Max, you sound stressed....

    Guy in shower, brb ....
    not Max. unfair to him to leave that out there.
    just my opinion, no stress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irishdeltaforce View Post
    I forget about Lucy Chambers. But LVT, Christ wept.
    I would definitely like to meet them both. I like a straight talking lady so they defo tick all my boxes.

    Tiz a real shame they are banned.

    Bring them both back I say .............

    Free LVT and Miss Chambers
    Males have Mickey's ........simple huh.

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