You have to be the biggest joke on this board!!??

You get carried away and have sex with an escort bareback - sorry there is no such thing as getting carried away and you didn't know what you were doing - I think all guys would see that the Ladies in question always lean over to reach for said condoms and take it out of its packaging and place it on the man - so you were carried away - you should be carried away.

You call me names saying that you shouldn't see escorts but be going out with your mates, i still stand by that - you should be doing just that all things considered that he said that he got made redundant and couldnt afford to see escorts at the moment and his left or right hand i don't remember which was his best friend to put it politely.

I see he is looking for someone that likes foot fetish and is seeking someone to do so - i tell you now ladies dont bother to reply he cant afford to see an escort so why bother to have written that - he is just a waste of space and as for calling himself a dog that would be an insult to those of us that have or have had dogs as they are probably better looking than him - as he said he couldnt get a lady as pretty as an escort.