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    Thats what my fav escort has said to me, about a fav she used to offer me.

    Yes, she used to let me sleep all night with her, for a nominal extra.

    Semenly I snored too loudly and woke her up..

    I dont think that it is fair to punish someone, for something over which Bollocks has no control.

    What should I say to her next time..................I promise that I will not snore...................and then break my promise????????????????????????? or accuse her of snoring???

    Its time proper standards were introduced to this business, with a regulator that we could make complaints to.

    I see that as a form of Discrimination against snorers.

    Am I meant to be responsible for my actions when I am asleep?

    And of course the answer has to be NO.

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    I'd never be able for an overnight

    I couldn't hold in the farts that long
    Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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