i would be obliged if nobody posted on only want 10's

i will be buggered if he gets the publicity that he so craves - i only want 10's is dead to all on here thats what i would like.............

I would like carlos to remove his piece and make it as a thread - it deserves to be seen how this person behaves..........

For those of you that want to know - it is now removed.........this jolly decent person made an account using my sons name - our whole name and family name - and posted that he was going to be in cork from the 2nd of febuary.

I hope there are those out there that find this funny - i as a mother dont find it funny at all..........all those that know me know that i don't swear but sorry - you fuck with my family you fuck with me and i will make sure that you never make my life hell i will make yours hell -

you have been warned - never fuck with a mother - ever.

Is that a promise or a threat - think you can say thats a promise