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    Looking for petite girl to lift and carry. Will no expect anything else just me to lift girl in a number of ways. Anybody help??? new to here

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    Scarlett is tiny and a lot of fun

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    Thank you for reply but it looks like I have missed her by a day

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    She's around until the 4th

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    Wow she looks absolutely stunning and I have a bit of a crush on the petite figured females.

    I wonder does she every come to Belfast, although I'd say given her reviews and nice advert that she'd be worth travelling for!

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    Oh great Thank you. Do you know if she does Lift and carry? Im still finding my way around this site

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    Cant find anyone. thought it would be an easy job

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavpool View Post
    Cant find anyone. thought it would be an easy job
    Might need to help yourself a bit more, what location, incall/outcall, when tomorrow/next week etc.

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    Sorry yeah that makes sense, Dublin area, in or out call at weekends

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