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Thread: Has anyone been with...? No reviews available

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    Default Has anyone been with...? No reviews available

    Has anyone on here ever been with kelly who is currently in wexford. Normally she is in tipperary. She's opted out of reviews

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    agency her profile and and 4 others all in tipperary last week all false

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    escort advertising as vanessa is using a fake profile.her service is rushed,and she cant get her customer out the door quick enough.dont go near her if u want my advice

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    How much was it?

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    Opting out of reviews is often a bad sign and nothing to do with discretion or privacy, there is an escort I like from profile description but reluctant to book as she has also opted out of reviews. Should this really be optional? How are the punters going to know the reliability of escort ladies or the accuracy of their profile?

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    any one ive been with that has no reviews i walk out going now i know why steer clear of them only go with reviews

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