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    Hi I'm thinking of trying ts bia Hernandez for my first try. Just wondering is her weapon really as long as stated?? Any help would be great

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    It is obviously not 11 inches, which would be ridiculous. It is big though.

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    Jesus that's fairly big......maybe I should start smaller?? Is she the biggest?

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    You probably should. I'd recommend someone like

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    Wooow she is gorgeous!!

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    This cock picture doesn't do her Justice, it looks much bigger in reality.
    I've had the best time with an escort ever with Bia, sexy, touching, good heart, funny, horny and you leave with a smile and and believe me her cock is a monster! once you have it in your hand mouth and ass i'm 8 inches and mine look ridiculously small compare to her. but what struck me the most is her heart, the ability to share love, what a nice feeling.

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    Cheers it does look like a monster! Wouldn't mind it in my mouth but not sure about my ass for first time!

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