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Thread: Bad experience with an escort but valuable lesson learned

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    Cop Bad experience with an escort but valuable lesson learned

    I was going to post this reply to mature abby question in the below thread but it was closed before I could click the post button. I guess I was too slow

    Quote Originally Posted by mature abby View Post
    have to ask how it ended up costing you 1k ? x

    It is a bit of a long story but the main problem was that I had been drinking that day + was not thinking clearly.

    The girl I had made an appointment with that night works 24 hours and charges 70 euros for 30 mins. I asked on the phone for a 2 hours appointment and she said the price would be 300 euros. I arrived at the place and she looked like the girl in the pictures and handed her the money. She saw I had more money in my wallet and said I could stay longer if I give her more money. I was drunk so I gave her another 200 euros + she then rang out of the room with the money. I was left in the room for a couple of minutes and then 2 different girls come into the room with the escort I had booked. The escort then said if you go get 500 euros then you can have a foursome with us three girls for 2 hours. I stupidly agreed with her and she told me where the ATM was to get more money. Got to the ATM and she rang me again asking for more money + she wanted another 200 euros. I only took out 500 euros and went back to her apartment and handled her the money and said I only wanted a threesome for 3 hours. She got really mad with me as I did not give her all the money she wanted but I said I am not going to give her more than 1000 euros. She left the room and started arguing with one of her room-mates in her Hungarian/Romanian language.
    The escort that I had booked and one of her room-mates came back to the room 5 minutes later and I just wanted to leave then but I knew if I asked the escort for my money back she would not give it to me.
    Anyway we agreed I come stay for 3 hours and what preceded was the worst sex I have ever had. I did not get a real threesome experience and I asked for a blowjob at one stage but I got a hand job instead.
    After 1 hour the escort asked me what time it was and I said I did not know. She then went looking for my phone in my clothes and showed me the time on my phone and said it was time to leave. It had only been 1 hour but I did not argue with her + I guess she still taught I was drunk. I left anyway because I did not want to stay there anymore. As I left she told me to call again and I started to laugh because I felt like she had just robbed me of 1000 euros.
    I could not leave a bad review for this escort as she had outed out of the review system.

    Anyway the moral of this story is never go to an escort drunk. Anyway, I had to learn this lesson the hard way.
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