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Thread: A heartfelt plea.......................

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    Default A heartfelt plea.......................

    Will ppl please shut the fuck up about this recession.Seriously no wonder it getting worse when everyone is talking about it.I believe that if enough ppl focused on something enough they would maintain it.It will pass.

    Its all i hear about these days,recession this and recession that.No wonder ppl are being laid off.I bet if a ppl starting all of a sudden saying the economy is picking up it would after a while.No wonder employers are letting ppl go,all they are listening aboput is recession this and recession that.

    Stop talking about it and it will pass.As long as you can get up in the morning and have your health then their isnt a prob as such.

    I slept in in this morn and got up at 7.30

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    We are still, like the fabled ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, absurd conservatives, for we conserve not much else than our own opinion of ourselves -- no pleasant one, at that, maintaining as it generally does that we were born in sin.
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