Hi Guys,

Tour dates for October/November 2015. Make a note in your diary - coming to a town near you!!!

KILKENNY 1st-3rd October
CASTLEBAR 4th-6th October
LETTERKENNY 7th-10th October
MAYNOOTH 11th-17th October
DUBLIN D2 18th-21st October
DUBLIN D9 22nd-25th October
CASTLEBAR 26th-29th October
PORTLAOISE 30th October-1st November
DUBLIN D9 2nd-4th November
LETTERKENNY 5th-8th November
MAYNOOTH 9th-13th November
GALWAY 20th-21st November
KILLARNEY 22nd-28th November
CORK 29th November- 1st December

Looking forward to many exciting encounters