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Thread: cork streets

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    the scene in cork is very bad as of late, anyone come across anyone good?

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    It's too dodgy now a days anyway the money they look for you'd be better off using escort ireland much safer a shower and all afterwards and at least you know if the girl has been with a client before you she most probably is after a shower not the case on the streets my friend stay safe buble

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    stay safe at streets

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    new girl around lastnite early 20s good lookin, but there was a car with two lads with her and when she got picked up they tore after her, becdareful lads, it was a blue audi

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    I think its better to stay indoors and give the street girls a miss

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    Where would be a good place in cork now adays? Down by he college of comm?

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    Yes there or by school of music, its quite tho

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    To true man

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    This still goes on? Thought it was all online now?

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