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    Default did u know?

    Our eyes are always the same size from birth but our nose & ears never stop growing

    Your mouth produces I Litre of saliva per day

    A person remains conscious for 8 seconds after being decapitated

    The first World War 8.5m killed Second World War 20m casualties Vietnam 1.2m kille

    Leaning Tower of Pisa was never straight

    The human head contains 22 bones

    A person can live without food for a month but only a week without water

    Men lose about 40 hairs a day women 70

    Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails

    We actually dont see with our eyes , we see with our brains The eyes are basically the cameras of the brain. One quarter of the brain is used to control the eyes

    P/S This website has become so depressing! I'm trying!....

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    Good try e.p I always knew there had to be a good reason for coming onto this site.

    We should try to develop blogs and the like on different topics, until E-I has a library of material on everything from A to Z (Anal to Zoophilia), like Wikipedia for Perverts. This could be a great site for academic rearch once Patricia screws some funding from the Department of Education.

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    Default Breasts

    Maxi Mounds has the world largest augmented breasts..Fact?

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