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    Any ladies out there super toned with a little or more muscle? Adore fit girls who like to have fun with a slim cute but weak 5'9 guy. Or i can just worship your strong legs or feet. Also i adore fantasy wrestling where i put up no resistance.

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    I posted similar thread..

    Few ladies are quite fit but some guys think its a turn off. Prob why ladies wont specify (?).

    But i like your thinking..
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    Thanks for that. Googled and found Arekah Lox who is an american wrestler touring here this week. She's 5'11 and pure muscle....emailed her so hopefully she can fit me in for a fantasy wrestling session. Not a sex worker more a real life female bully! Ill let you know how I fare....looks stunning as well as powerful

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    OMG just met the strongest hottest lady ever - Arekah Lox is scary strong and do beautiful. She acted like a bully in the session and made me almost wet myself at the door. E300 for just wrestling and verbal domination/humiliation was pricey but it was so so worth it!

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    Try this website wb270 lists all the travelling female wrestlers. Ive me them all from bunny glamon to Severa to Skytriss. Pound for pound Arekah is the strongest not to mention the hottest!

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