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Thread: First time with TS ... Help !!

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    Hey today I AM going to visit a TS in Dublin !! BUT not sure who I should to go to first time ??? The biggest problem I think is can I actually take it and second thinking about it turns me on so much it could be over before it starts .... Looking for a TS that will be patient and keeping going as my ass till I can take it hard !! Any suggestions who I should go to ?? lenght I don't think will be a problem but how thick a cock could be 😅

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    What's the rush with taking it in the ass. Go and get a feel for it, play with her cock then progress to oral or mutual oral (quite cool really ) and fuck her. What I found cool was watching her cum as I wanked her off over me. If you really want to be fucked then size won't really matter it's down to how easy they will go with you

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