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    I have a mad craving for an tiny Asian girl.
    Seeing as I can't find any or pull any, I am going down this road.
    I've never been to an escort and I found her online but I can't find any reviews or anything on her.

    Has anybody been to her or can anybody recommend a small Asian girl around Clare or Limerick.

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    I doubt many of the Asian girls will want to see you with a name like that.
    this has to be a wind-up

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    joggon (31-08-15)

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    Oops it's not a wind up
    It's what came into my head when I was trying pick a name.
    I told you I have Asian on the brain.
    No offence intended
    Any info on the girl is appreciated

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    t16lynch (01-09-15)

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    I've seen her a few times. Sweet body but the face is average. Worth a punt. No shower facilities at her place. She has a fine tight fanny. She is a bit of a squirter

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    t16lynch (01-09-15)

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    Yeah I've seen her a few times too - tiny body, the smoothest skin ever, very friendly - really gets into it and lots of French kissing which I like - face ain't bad either.

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    Ok lads , thanks for the input.
    Just one wondering..............if she has no shower facilities at her place how does she wash herself.

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    Ladyvonteese (04-09-15)

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    what about in the cork area

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    Haven't visited Lauren in a while as im out of that scene now, but shes a real gem - when i saw this thread i had to register to give her a serious thumbs up cause shes one of the sexiest and nicest out there. And of course she has a shower in her place, i wouldn't think there are too many houses in our little country without one in fairness. Always think about visiting her 'once' more...

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    She has a shower but the area where she works is separated from where she lives and she keeps this area private which is her right.

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    I was joking about the shower.

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