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I am only in Limerick till Thursday and departing at 4pm so my last booking will be a 3pm.
As always I am looking forward to seeing some old and new friends before I leave, who are up for a laugh, giggle and lots of clean safe fun with a like minded person. (New tour dates up in September and don’t forget my birthday on the 19th. loll
I never offer unsafe, unprotected services or A levels on me however I do provide A levels on you, strip tease, foot fetish, stocking and pantyhose too plus so many more fun erotic services. And lots of types of play rolls too to ensure our fun its going to leave us both smiling and wanting to come back for round 2,3,4,5

If you are as tired as I am with having your time wasted by time waster double booking, etc then I have a booking system to keep us both happy which is a 20 meteor or 3G phone credit which is then refunded once you arrive “on-time” as agreed.

As we all only know to well there is a lot of chances going on with the EI website and EI staff on working on it, so us girls have been given permission to post our adverts here in the chat forum which then EI staff will then move to the advertising sections (Please put this advert in the touring section thanks).
Most know I always post photos up with my advert and if I am unable to do so here now then please go to see my new erotic sexy panty hose photos shoot (17 New Photos) from another new movie I did while not posting here on EI chat the past few weeks. Loll

You will find the new photos shoot at https://Twitter.com/hotmaturesexy-La...resexy)Twitter

The updates on my website www.ladyvonteese.com are taking longer than expected due to life is too short and I am ever having too much fun with you guys or doing more shoots
All the very best
Lady Von Teese
These photos are not the only ones from that shoot or the only video/photo shoot made over the last couple of weeks, but I am still working on this project and still have a lot of learning to do as is the case with all the other movies and photos did recently. I will post photos next week and on-wards on my twitter page and once the new tour dates are sorted I will post them also on my twitter page too. This is the best places to see my tour dates when there is problems with the websites I use.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this advert. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Check back on Twitter in 20 mins if the photos shoot does not get attached here with this advert

085 170 5664

Sorry EI is still not allowing any photos bigger than a thumb to be posted on the site so please go to my twitter account in 20 mins if you'd like to view them

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