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    Its been a long while from I was on and the site looks good to the eye but unfortunately doesn't seem to preform well being difficult to navigate around the features and being over complicated but I'm sure it will improve as the days go on.
    If you have a slow internet connection like a lot do have especially in the country areas you are in a bit of a dilemma though.

    What I want to know now with E-I trying to improve this site, are they going to stop and check properly the Escorts profiles pictures instead of just verifying them even though its not the lady. I use to report all this, the false pictures, escorts using 2 and 3 escort profiles but all the Mods would say is "thanks, we will pass this on to the relevant dept" but that's as far as it went, seems as long as the adverts were paid for, they didn't seem to care... I do understand it may be time consuming but this new site must be costing a few bob so go the extra mile and try to sort this too.
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