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Thread: Girls with sixpack abs

  1. Dick Girls with sixpack abs


    Looking for girls with this type of body for some abs fetish, flexing ,posing etc.(tender fetish) not necessarily punching as video suggest.
    Anyone has any idea which escort has skinny but athletic figure with some muscle definition but most certainly with abs.

    Thanks lads and gals

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    I had already put a thread up some time back, read through it.

    I have a thing for toned ladies myself.

    Check out Sarah Lipps up north. She looks great but yet to get time to see her.

    Btw, some girls who are toned / fit dont advertise as some guys find it a put off, dont know why.

    Use search function and key in specific words what you are looking for.
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    Wondering any news regards muscled ladies?

    Did anyone come across anyone with sixpacks?


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    I created a thread. Sara us visiting next week as far as i know. You should go see her !!

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