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Thread: When guys have sperm instead of brain or-10 mins before our date start

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    Exclamation When guys have sperm instead of brain or-10 mins before our date start

    I got review from Mr Hunter,that i disappeared in a middle while he on his way to my apartment.......

    Sorry,Mr Hunter,but our meeting did not happen just because you broke rule,simply as that.

    Everyone knows i do not take advanced bookings,and when someone text me if i am free,i ask text half h prior desired time.
    If i am free,i do respond,if i agreed to another engagement that asked to meet lets say 5.30 for 1 hour im meantime we spoke and desired time,you would of not got my response at all.

    THAT IS WHY i say text half hour before.
    Time WAS NOT AGREED,i said TEXT TO SEE IF I M FREE,it s 2 different things.But it was not the case..

    Asking guys have they been with another girls is normal and only for my own safety,as sometimes if i feel unsafe,i can call up girl and ask what she has to say about certain guy,and it s a good way to check if u meet some jerk,or no,as sometimes responses not the best.

    Age thing-i do not meet guys younger than 30.
    If i require so many things,it means I CARE.
    I CARE about my safety,about date that it runs smooth without surprises and disagreements.

    When u say i sent instructions how to get in,u forgot to add,that i sent with capital letters if i remember right


    You broke this rule.

    I can see on intercom who s entering,ok,and when i wanted to let u in,you pressed buzzer,and entered strait way yourself.....i did not seen u on intercom at all.
    Than u called me from building to tell me you re inside building asking which apartment.....

    So hold on here........if u red messages,what about second buzzer?
    You never pressed it,you just entered......even i asked u not to......
    And i do not mention apartment in message,i m saying just floor.

    I ASKED YOU to read my message again,i hoped u will get that buzzer bit,not to enter building before you do it,but U DID NOT,then i heard elevator coming up,people talking,i m receiving message stating you are outside

    I did not see who entered building,i did not know do i know u,are u my neighbour,my teacher,my friend...i heard people talking i dont even know if u on your own......etc

    so i called my friend-Rachel,told situation,asked what to do...i said to her,that if person have nothing to hide,what s the problem with intercom.....
    She agreed with me,that for safety i should break it.

    Than my bf called on my priv no,and i told him,i cant talk that something going on,so he wanted to come and get me,as i was freaked out...,as guy stayed outside elevator more than 30 mins......he always notice by my voice if something is wrong......

    But i said not to come,as i knew Rachel should arrive shortly,and when she arrived,Mr Hunter was gone...

    In meantime,i heard guy whispering to himself (or with someone) i was not sure if guy talking to himself or someone,and whilehe being outside,i heard door closing to staircase,then complete silence,and then he call to basically i have impression he wanted me to think he s gone,and to open door assuming there is someone else........

    Anyway,that was impression i got from that night,which freaked me out...

    If u would read my previous reviews,you should not missed what statisfaction said
    It was clear to me that some guys have given her a scare in the past and she was initially wary on the phone but I can well imagine why girls in this job might behave like this.

    Also i am always stating everywhere-breaking rules means breaking engagement.
    If guys cant follow simple instruction knowing this will make me more comfortable,i dont even find worth to keep engagement.
    My life,my health,my safety and comfort between me and my engagees is more worth than couple of euro

    I m sorry about wasted time,but maybe my future dates will be more understanding why i ask,and why i say what i ask/say
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    Default 1000% Correct

    You are 1000% Correct...Nobody should put there own Safety at Risk for Money...Too many Punters think that because thy pay 130 euro they own the Escort.....
    Punters think that they can arrive unannounced with disregard fot the Private Life of that person.......ESCORTS ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND NOT W##########S...............

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