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Thread: airbnb - D2 or D4 - Dublin Horse Show

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    Smile airbnb - D2 or D4 - Dublin Horse Show

    Girls - looking for a spare bed in D2 or D4 for a couple of nights during the RDS Horse Show (this week) - will pay airbnb rates, and bring you to the RDS if you are interested .... pm if interested

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    tew furr fifftee
    "twoe feeh n da reh dir skoo skir suga kain bac laihn"
    "lih da hoe gaim twi gotta git ih howe a liive ah bin wirk wirk wirk wirkin o mai sheeet"

    "Va lee gils gevin bloojabs fo Lebuten, wha cha caw daa?...Hay dova Heez?"

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