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Thread: ICRSE Letter To Amnesty International

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    Default ICRSE Letter To Amnesty International

    More than 600 individuals including 100s of sex workers and researchers expert on sex work and human rights have also signed the letter.

    Read our article to know more.
    Don't waste your time looking back.
    You're not going that way.

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    I see arsey

    you couldnt make that up, oh wait

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    Me thinks we might need as many as possible to come on board !!

    Its make up your mind time !!!!!

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    This is a fraught issue. The stats seem to be all over the place. In Germany they are considering trimming the current legalized prostitution as some studies seem to show it making things worse for sex workers. On the other hand I know that the Nordic model is not working as expected either because anyone can get a reasonably priced handjob anytime they like in any of dozens of Thai "massage" parlors in Gothenburg.

    Decriminalizing sex workers is a step in the right direction, but criminalizing clients still results in a massive shadowy sex underworld.

    The real issue it seems to me is economic. Ensure a social safety net that ensures everyone has a place to live, food to eat, education and health care; then the sex work looks after itself. Only those who really want to will do it and if sex workers are abused or threatened they have recourse through the legal system.

    Coercion, be it through the invisible hand of the market or a brutal pimp, is still coercion.

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