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    Hi im just wondering why do girls, women/ mistress like cbt??

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    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ????

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    Cock and ball torture, ballbusting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasrcar View Post
    Hi im just wondering why do girls, women/ mistress like cbt??
    When a mistress gives a submissive a session which for example be all about CBT then it is the submissiveness experience that is most important and speaking from experience when my Mistress tortures my cock and balls I get very aroused from it and my Mistress gets to push my limits and she gets to see I am enjoying her session. My Mistress derives pleasure from my suffering as I also derive pleasure from my suffering. It's all about the experience, any lady can just kick you in the balls a hurt you, it take a proper mistress to make it enjoyable.
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