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    I am wondering are there any escorts out there who might cater for the fetish that is messy fun. By this I mean, pies to the face, or cakes to the face, yougurt poured over each other, humiliation! I am a 29 year old guy who basically has a fetish that is slapstick fun. I am looking for an incall and the fun would probably have to take place in the bathroom / shower/bath area (being realistic) and I would obviously help clear up afterwards!

    Any escort interest appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Yoghourt is very good for the skin..........
    And how would u manage to keep the cake on the face without falling down (the cake)?
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    Default If I knew u were coming i'd a baked a cake...

    Quote Originally Posted by Busty Malena and Carmen View Post
    And how would u manage to keep the cake on the face without falling down (the cake)?
    I have a soloution to that problem girls

    Just baked this in my oven based on yur video but be carefull, its HOT!!!!!. Just like you

    Tuck in lady's it tastes fantASStic

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