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Thread: The baron in the orange bra

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    Santa The baron in the orange bra

    .... who pays 200/night for his ladies -

    UPDATE: Lord Sewel resigns role as Deputy Speaker, House of Lords spokesman confirms

    A married peer who oversees standards in the House of Lords has been pictured allegedly taking cocaine with two prostitutes.

    The career of Lord Sewel, a Deputy Speaker of the Lords, appeared to be in tatters on Sunday amid claims he took the Class A drug at a sex party.

    Baron John Sewel, an ex-ally of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, was said to have been caught on video telling the £200-a-night prostitutes that he wanted to "be led astray".

    200 a night seems very little for central London. With a line thrown in. Even for a lord who's a friend of Tony Blair?


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    Lord Sewel is a peer who has some life experience and is a normal human being, not like a lot of the politicians who reside in an “ivory tower”.
    He should have been persuaded to stay on as deputy-speaker; not forced to resign. In my humble opinion.

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    He had something to do with standards in public office or in the Lords , hadn't he.
    He was thus diligently keeping his expenses under control.
    Anyway he merely broke the eleventh commandment :He got caught.
    In the video at one stage , he says "love, sweetie"- a trace of condescension no doubt.

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    The matter was discussed on The Sky News paper review last night. present were the present and a male and female reviews (the names escape me). The male reviewer pointed out that he issue was the cocaine snorting and he vehementally stated that consenting adults having sex with each other should never be an issue and neither should it ever be as essentially Britain has a proud traditon in protecting the right to consent essentially. Neither of the others there disagreed.
    I would have an issue with a very wealthy individual expecting an all nighter for 200£ and his appaling dress sense!
    Ride them on the beaches!

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    He's not the 1st, nor will he be the last. What annoys me is the media coverage & wording of the article. Every time it's on the news, it's stated that he took cocaine with 2 prostitutes, they don't have the decency to call the girls 'escorts' nor does the more important factor that he slandered other politicians gets mentioned. The matter of slandering doesn't enter the headline, as usual the media latch onto the 'sex' factor once again, which is far more irrelevant than the slandering, in my opinion. Whoever he was with snorting cocaine, is not important, nor is it of interest to the general public who he chooses to socialise with unless his associates pose a security threat.

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    Please do what you can for her daughter. Deeply appreciated.

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    Look he is only doing what a lot of other people are doing
    Pull up your trousers it's all over

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