The only real Irish lady to have fun with, whether it be clubbing, or sharing a intermit fantasy with behind close doors call now to book in advance in all advertised cities as only a few places now left for one of the days I am in Dundalk and only a few booking available also while I,m in Dublin

I cater for foot fetishes, bossy bitch, secretary, autie fetishes, pantyhose, stocking, legging fetishes, ass and boob fetishes And so much more feel free to get in touch via email as this is a more private way of you contacting me to make a booking before we chat and move forward to sharing so much hot sexy kinky fun together. xxxx for now.
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Here are my new tour dates and the places check out my website first week of August for more cities and towns.

20th 21st Dublin
23rd Wexford
24th 25th Waterford
25th 26th Cork
26th 27th Limerick
28th Galway


I will then be heading in the first week of August to Kerry, Sligo and Derry to name just a few cities and town we could meet up in but please feel free to get in touch in advance to make a booking.

All the best for now and look forward to hearing from you will "all" the detail I would need to make a booking for some hot sexy or just plain kinky fun

Lady Von Teese

Ps Dont forget none of my photos have been photo shopped or taken by a professional photographer either as I take all my own photos so dont worry it is me in the photo and it will be me who opens the door to greet you when you make a booking and not some random stranger. I am a independent Real Irish lady who love to have safe consensual fun together.xx Book in advance now 085 170 5664 Those who call me out of working hours will for sure not be offered bookings so check out my profile and website first www.ladyvonteese,com

My Twitter page is HotMatureSexy Lady Von Tease

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New photos of clients request of legging/yoga pants
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More resent photos

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