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Thread: Standing BJ?

  1. Default Standing BJ?

    This thread in the General Chat now has my mind spinning to try and find it. Not the th conventional standing BJ though, an airborne one I guess u could call it!!!

    Now I know the girls here aren't as built as this, but I'm sure given the right circumstances there are some that can lift heavy weights in this method. I'd even settle for the girl sitting on the bed and just me being upside down between her thighs while getting the BJ.

    Kits a long shot I know, but if u don't ask, no one will know what you'd like I guess!!! 💪🙏🏻

    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyB007 View Post
    Now this is something I would love to try!!! Is this what u mean by a standing BJ??
    she destroys the guy in this second clip. Would love to find a woman here that could do either of these!!! Total long shot though! Hard enough to find a girl with guns here!! 😕

    Although I would settle for a girl that can lift my legs over on her shoulders and then do the standing BJ!!

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    maya is a good girl for this

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    not advertising right now but blond girl big titties

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    Id like to try that!

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    Davedrave is the man for that
    What we do in life echo's in eternity

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    Where's Maya gone? How heavy could she lift?? ��

    Mr Gear, who is DaveDrave? You've lost me. Looking for a strong woman that can do that.

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