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    Below is a link to an article from The Economist. It is clearly meant as an advertisement to get people to subscribe to its online service.
    I don't like its tone, or some of its language. However, the article may be of interest to someone.

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    Interesting read. I picked up on a lot of things but it's really funy the "looks matter" part, I don't agree with it, most things in that part are not similar in Ireland, here people don't give too much thought about hair colour, there are lover for each breasts size etc. And apparently most of us here charges like we are very fat

    One thing is for sure tho, the richer the country and more difficult the work migration / immigration system, the more someone could charge !!!

    Regarding the one in UK that said her phone doesn't ring in weeks ... really ? Either half the female population it's on the game there, either she's doing a very bad (or cheap) job advertising.

    Lots of other things interesting but maybe other feel like adding some comments too.
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