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    I saw a review lately .I was a bad review.However in it under physical appearance the reviewer put down,very unattractive.Now the girl on this review is defo not very unattractive.Its her in her pics and she is attractive.So two qs,

    (a) if the punter exagerates the physical appearance of the girl are we to believe that the rest of the review isnt exagerated????

    (b) is it neccessary to even have this part on a review?If its not the girl in the pic fair enough say it but msot of the best reviewd girls are the girls in the pic and ppl arent blind and have different tastes too.

    Some guys base a girls attractiveness on how much she does for him.If he has a good time and she does this and that for him she is very unattractive but if she doesnt give in to his demands she is very attractive.

    Sounds bollox if you ask me,

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    Understand that reviews are subjective, you give YOUR opinion of the girl.
    How can one possibly suggest what other punters will feel toward the same girl!?

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    As said in the other threads, you can't really take these reviews too seriously.

    Everyone would like to have great reviews and be honest about it and it's in noone's interest to have reviews that are all a load of lies. But it doesn't always work out that way.

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