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Thread: Herpes to cure skin cancer!!!

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    Thumbs up Herpes to cure skin cancer!!!

    No, this is not a joke or bullshit post.
    Scientists have been using the herpes virus to treat people suffering from skin cancer.

    In a few months time, those suffering from skin cancer may find an unlikely hero in their treatment regimen: herpes. A modified version of the Herpes Simplex 1 virus (known for causing cold sores and some cases of genital herpes) called T-Vec has successfully been used to treat melanoma in a phase III clinical trial. That means it's just waiting for a final okay from the FDA before the Amgen product can hit the market. The results of the trial were published Tuesday in Journal of Clinical Oncology.

    In a study of 436 patients with inoperable melanoma, Talimogene Laherparepvec had 16.3 percent of patients showing results at the six-month mark, compared to 2.1 percent taking the control therapy. Some patients were continuing to respond to T-VEC three years later.
    You wont know, until you try!

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    While this appears good news , with melanoma , prevention is a million times better than cure.Up to now most are dead with 2 years of diagnosis (and nearly all by 5 years of onset) even with current treatments.
    Avoid getting sunburnt (particularly badly sunburnt) and avoid it even more for children.
    The above applies doubly and trebly so for fair/light- skinned people.
    The term" malignant melanoma" says it all.
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