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Thread: REAL IRISH COUGAR IN DUBLIN 24 27th last day in Dublin book in advance NOW

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    Dick REAL IRISH COUGAR IN DUBLIN 24 27th last day in Dublin book in advance NOW

    Hi guys if you are serious about making a booking and a genuine clients I have a system to get rid of the time wasters, so you are not left standing wondering why you are not getting your agreed booking and so I do not have to give my address out to these time waster.

    So just to be clear on my booking system, I donít need your credit card (never give your credit card details to anyone who is asking for it in these types of situation or photo ID) once we have agreed a time etc., if the booking is for 45 min then as you would have paid a 20 meteor credit when we meet you than pay me 130 euros when we meet. And if the booking is for an hour then you would have paid a 20 meteor credit phone top up so when we meet you will be paying me 180 euros. The credit can be done on-line, and at any shop or garage. Once we have agree date, time and we are going to have some fun together you just text me the long number and time of book, once I have check its correct then I will text confirming I will keep the booking for you.
    You also have the benefit of knowing I am not handing my address out to complete strangers with make is safer for you too.

    Many are not honest about double booking clients so this way you can be sure I will keep the arranged booking for you and will not double book and leave you standing around after maybe driving for an hour or so to come and see me. Xx clients who confirmed a booking with me always come first before anyone taking a chance I am going to be available.

    I will be free to talk and make the booking FROM 10am to 11am and again 10.30pm till midnight if I do not have already booking, for those seriously interested in sharing a great time together its always best to book in advance.

    New May and June Tour Dates: are always on my website

    Please be sure you email me at , not PM me as there is problems in getting my PMís and only my eyes will see my emails.

    Please note:

    You can email or text me but I will only take your bookings seriously if the following information is in the ďone messageĒ..
    How long you wish the booking for
    What type of booking you are hoping to share but be sure to read my profile first and have a look at my website to be sure you I offer the services you are looking for. I do not provide OWO CIM A levels on me or barback! I am only into clean safe fun that has to be fun for both parties.

    I never advertise the above is because I donít provide them and like I said I am discreet so never have advertised like many do, such as come fuck my fanny or ass, come all over my face this is due to what happen between two people should stay there especially with the NEW LAWíS coming out very soon. DISCRESSION AND HEALTH AND SAFETY ALWAYS COME FIRST IN MY BOOK!
    Double click the photo to enlarge it and to see more of my selfies photos click the link below and come back to see more when I advertise. xx
    Click image for larger version.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    My website is Lady Von Tease
    085 170 5664 Please note. I never answer my phone from midnight to 9am

    If you wish me to have certain items for our sexy fun meeting then please donít expect me to just have it with me as that may not be the case due to I do long tours in many towns and cities. Be sure to mention which items youíre into at least 2 days before I leave on tour and once we have confirmed the booking and the meteor credit is paid I will be sure to bring them with me.

    As many of you know I am very very discreet in all aspects of my work and if you donít appreciate that then letís not waste each otherís time by you making a booking. I also do not work in brothels and my Irish Taxís so putting the money back into Ireland.

    If you call me with a with-held telephone number I will answer but not talk or listen to what you have to say, so I will be just wasting your credit.

    I never take a booking seriously if they have not been bothered to read my profile and then waste my time by asking question which are already on my profile.

    If you call me in the early hour (as you have not read my profile) or make a booking, not showed up or cancelled (or cancelled only a short time before you booking is due to take place). Or have been abusive then you will find you will not be able to always get throw on my phone as your number is saved with what you did, so I will not be wasting my time the second time!

    I never offer services which I then do provide

    I never offer any unsafe, unprotected services, OWO, CIM or A levels on me

    I am only into clean safe fun for both parties

    I offer both GFE and Fetish services with clean well-mannered gentlemen only however many have to come from work so showers are available and you must shower before our meetings

    I also specialize in many types of fetish role pay and fetishes such as aunty, naughty neighbour, secretary and bossy bitch. Pantyhose/stockings /leggings. Foot fetish boots/shoes/feet/foot jobs. Female supremacy Slave and pet training. Teacher student/caning/over the knee spanking. Feminizing guys to either dirty sluts etc. and many many more other role plays and fetishes.

    If you are into rubber please note it takes a lot of time not only putting it on and off but also to put a oil it up so itís a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes booking and a 30 meteor credit.

    I never play the part of the submissive

    If we both donít have fun in our booking (as a real GFE is about both having a good time as is the case with any fetish fun and games too) then I will not meet you again.

    Even though I am a fun bubbly friendly person who like to have fun and a good laugh with those I meet however I never play the part of the submissive

    I only work from 10am to 10pm with new clients and am willing to see my regular client only from 9am to 11.30pm.

    I never do 3someís or have bookings with those who are drug fucked or drunk or who are not sure what type of booking they are looking for.

    I never have booking with anyone who thinks just because I work in this type of business they can do, say anything to me and that I will just do anything for money as this is not the case whatsoever.

    I only do what I enjoy doing with like-minded people who like to have fun and a good laugh and giggle.

    With the new laws coming in I also have a system to keep us all safe if any time was to go wrong however I have never been ask to leave a property as I am very discreet so please be sure to meet me before the new laws come in so you can get to know I am the fun loving sexy hot kinky cougar and trustworthy honest person that I am.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to meet up with some old and new friends very soon
    Giant hugs and Kisses for now

    Lady Von Teese Lady Von Tease

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