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Thread: It's not going to be effective!!

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    Default It's not going to be effective!!

    This may have been posted or discussed already but,
    (I know this will get the sarcastic responses & all that shite)

    So the objective of this new law is to hinder human trafficking with the angle of making buying/selling sex illegal (most simplistic way from what I gather it is about) so The bigger issue is obviously human trafficking which I can understand!
    But isn't there other ways of achieving that without making it an offense to sell/buy sex - if anything that is going to push operations further behind closed doors.

    Ok I get eliminating the market mindset but that's not effective here - people will always buy/sell sex - the laws can make that more dangerous (which I think this approach will). Affecting the 'market' works in tackling drug dealing because each small pawn knows a certain amount about their source so the authorities can squeeze people but using the punter as a pawn is as far as it goes here. Traffickers aren't affected from eliminating the normal punter as there is always going to be a demand - be it legal or illegal. It will just fluctuate patterns of movement (ie trafficking) which will be harder to monitor for guards that might be genuinely concerned about trafficked individuals.

    Seems like a half arsed approach - making it seem like the punter and escort are responsible for 'human trafficking' - why don't the authorities work with this website/people on it (I know there is a section devoted to trafficking but make an active approach - forums, gardai watch website, reports, stats, potential people of concern etc.) - like I know that will get the sarcastic comments but this is were a lot of punting stems from therefore the sources of these trafficking operations (if they exist to the extent which is outlined) then why eliminate it's function and potential for catching the culprits - I am sure a lot more punters would help that element of this 'new law'! It's not going to be affective if human trafficking is the main objective - it seems it's an attempt to make someone look good amongst our 'leaders'!

    I am aware that's a very punter perspective & I appreciate there are a lot of ladies that this law effects more but I can only give my perspective from this side of the lense.


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    Provided we, the punters, carry on as normal (being careful of course) it will be ineffective.
    If we panic and some of us stop seeing escorts then some of the escorts will leave because of the loss of business.

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    Yup - the independent escorts will leave due to the lack of activity (if that's the unfortunate route this goes). Then a bigger opening in the market for.... Trafficked girls! It really will make the situation worse!!

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