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Thread: Reading the small print, and not so small print

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    Default Reading the small print, and not so small print

    I hadn't really noticed that the site was down a bit over the weekend until I read this thread.

    Mind you, it has been down from time to time since I joined, and I always assumed there would be some form of compensation for advertisers( e.g. additional free advertising time) due to their loss of visibility to potential clients, as mentioned by Danny2011.

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny2011 View Post
    with the bank holiday I'm guessing no one from EI tech support will be around till tuesday
    I presume escorts who have paid to advertise would be entitled to some sort of refund if lots of potential clients can't access the site properly for a few days.
    Sadly, the refund policy in the terms & conditions make it nigh on impossible for any redress for advertisers

    Refund Policy

    The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that The Website operates with an uptime of at least 95% but we cannot be held responsible if this is changed due to circumstances beyond our control. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our hosting is very reliable.

    In the event that The Website is offline for more than 50% of the month then a full refund will be offered within 28 days for any remaining days of your advertising package.

    For example: if you purchase one month’s advertising at a price of €250 and our uptime is only 49% and you wish to seek a refund with 15 days remaining then a refund of 50% of your purchase price would be offered which would total €125.

    No refunds are available for any other reason, once an advertisement has been made active** it will commence for the set number of consecutive days, it cannot be paused or kept on hold in any way. Your advertisement may be stopped early but no refund would be offered.

    I would consider it quite expensive, at an average of €100 per week, to advertise on EI, and the site has to be down for more than 50% of a month before they will consider a refund. That seems very unfair, but when they have the monopoly, EI can do whatever they like.

    Tis a shame really.

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