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Thread: new limerick thai massage

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    Default new limerick thai massage

    Did anybody try the new thai massage place on o'connell street in limerick? Its only open about 1 month. I've been to all the others and i know which do happy endings,but im curious about this place

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    Ye i tried it, Lovely decor and everything, anyway... I was sitting in the waiting room there this morning opposite a really sexy Thai bird. Getting really excited I was.

    I thought to myself, "Please don't get an erection. Please don't get an erection."

    But she did
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    Hi there - would be interested to know which ones do happy endings


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    Where on O'Connell St is this place?

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    Across from Thai Classic but other end of the block,in the basement. I just called to make an appointment but she is busy, and it sounds like they do more than massage

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    Thanks. Could you PM the names of the other ones that offer extras?

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    Could I have those details too.

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    Info too here pleased

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    Can I get a pm of those details too please

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    I don't mean to be a pain in the ass here lads but I've done buckets of ground work and spent a nice few quid trying out almost every Thai massage place in town! You have to try and you have to ask....all they can say is no! Trust me, they're used to being asked. At this stage I have 3 ladies that I see, they all do nice happy endings for different prices and I've been lucky enough to have met one of them in social settings a couple of times now at this stage, and things have progressed nicely! Be under no illusions, these ladies are primarily masseuses, but some are willing to go the extra mile for a little extra pocket money. Best of luck
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