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    Been punting nearly ten years now, started off with females moved onto TS exclusively in 2008.
    I think I've seen over 100 Ts some TV's more convincing ones.
    I've found the standard in TV's has been really poor of late in 3 out of 5 of my last punts I've walked away.
    I've lurked on this community for the best part of ten years now, just wanted to know if anyone else here has contemplated retiring from punting or what's the best way to go about it?
    I recently nearly got caught punting leaving a city centre apartment I had no business being in by an acquaintance of my other half. Why do we do it? For me its the rush its my heroin the time from when you make the call to when you walk in the door of an unknown apartment my head is floating, all of my thoughts are consumed with the meeting about to occur.
    In all the times I've punted I look back on it and only 4/5 lasted longer than 5 mins in the memory.
    I just wanted to know why others do it and their opinion on how the scene has changed in the last 10 years,

    Thank you
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    I'm at the opposite end of the scale and only started. I say that I don't plan on doing it for long but who knows. I do it cause I love girls with cocks and everytime I think of it I get hard, so really it's to satisfy my desire.

    How did you get yourself out of getting caught by your partners friend was it?

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    It's the rush
    It's the variety (we only live once)
    For me it's like a bucket list and I'm ticking off the items on my lengthy sex bucket list
    Maybe when I've finished the list I might stop, but I doubt it.
    The quality of younger girls punting has dropped in recent times, the best TS and TV also seem older

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    I've been doing it about 7/8 yrs now and I get a great rush from it as well.
    Not sure I'll ever stop but considering I only see maybe 3/4 a yr I think it's controlled.
    I'm going exclusively TS soon, there are maybe 3-4 TV's I want to see (Iris being top of that list) and a small few female escorts on my to do list as well so I'll get them out of the way soon.
    Shit happens when you party naked!

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