As most know I am very different from the norm and also provide a totally different services then anyone else on EI but please do keep your eyes peeled as I will be explaining more about the new and totally different services I will be also added to my list and all will be reveled on my Very very soon. x

Please note I will also not only will I be adding several unique services to the services I also already offer but I also will be ensuring your safety when you visit me in June and afterward when the new laws come in,in Ireland this is of course is for my regular clients only who have bookings with me for a min of 1 hour, so be sure you make a booking before the new laws come in, xx

03.03.2015 Derry Bookings from 6pm to 10.30pm only available
04.03.2015 Derry Bookings now available 1pm to 10.30pm only

05.03.2015 Belfast Bookings from 6.30pm – 10.30pm only
06.03.2015 Belfast Bookings from 11am – 10.30pm

07.03.2015 Dundalk Bookings from 5p -10.30pm only
08.03.2015 Dundalk Bookings from 11am – 10pm
09.03.2015 Dundalk Bookings from 12 noon – 10pm
10.03.2015 Dundalk Bookings from 10am – 11am only
10.03.2015 Dublin Bookings from 4pm – 10pm only
11.03 2015 Dublin Bookings from 11am – 10pm only
12.03.2015 Dublin Bookings from 11am – only
Those wishing to meet me in Tipperary please send me a email

I only meet up with clean discreet people who have taken the time to read my profile and looking for fun to SHARE. I don’t offer unprotected services, haggle prices, have appointments with those asking question which are in already mentioned here or have clients coming and going 24/7 or work in brothels either.

I take all my own photos and don’t photo-shop them, so it will be me a REAL SEXY IRISH LADY who you will be opening the door to you.

I believe in our day-to-day lives we are faced with responsibilities and pressures, which control our state of mind. Many of us are not able to live in the moment, as our thoughts of consequence and reaction always linger in our minds. Why not retract from all that with this Hot kinky cougar and live for the moment, one you will cherish with fond memories for a long, long time.

Come and live out the most sensual desires. Please feel free to contact me for info on my booking system as this gets rid of all time wasters and so you don’t get left standing outside. The New Laws come in soon so best to, Email me with city, date, time, how long, type of booking if it’s a genuine inquiry. Please put the email heading of the City you wish to meet. Where possible please book in advance. If you have to text put all above info in it otherwise I will not respond.
If you have to text put all above info in it otherwise I will not respond, nor will I respond to explicated texts, or take bookings via text message either as is the case with abusive texts also.

For those wishing to know more information on how I will be ensuring I am the best person to visit when the New Irish Laws come in, in due to the “new” system I have in place to protect you and prove you are not visiting me to pay for any sex acts, then please be sure to send me all the above info to my email address to make that booking now.

To see what available appointments I have left this month and my tour dates for March 2015 to please visit www.ladyvonteese.comscroll down the first page, click the tick and you’re in then go to my Tour Dates page and my Ireland Page for more info

So come and see me now before the new laws come into play so we can get to know each other and you will be able to know you can trust me to not only be discreet but also spend time with someone who only meets clients who like to share fun together in a safe consensual environment for all parties.

Dont forget none on these or any other of my photos have been photo shopped and I took these photos of myself yesterday as is the case with all my photos. Just double click the photos to enlarge them and see more in June on my website

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