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Thread: English Mature Chloe?

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    One for the memory banks test. Does anyone know if English Mature Chloe is ever coming back? Came across he profile pic earlier and her arms look like they would be seriously strong. No reviews since 2012 so I am guessing she won't be coming back, but she does look like they are some serious arms and chest! Anyone remember her?

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    Chloe doesn't tour Ireland anymore, she works only in the UK.

    Sandy x
    In memory of an awesome woman Laura Lee RIP
    It's so difficult to articulate just how much she meant. Inspirational, brave and irreplaceable - our hero.
    Please do what you can for her daughter. Deeply appreciated.

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    Thanks Sandy. Do you know how to find her over there? Looked on E-E but didn't see her? Don't suppose you know if she is strong as she looks?? We can base it off how strong you are!!! Cause you crushed me pretty easily!!! Must get around to round 2 some day soon

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