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Thread: Here we go again.

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    Default Here we go again.

    So im running around again yesterday. Im bringing a bag full of food next time. I goes to Subway. My first time ever in there and my last as well. Seriously get a load of this shite. The conversation went like this,

    "Hello can I help you?"

    " I take Spicy Italian plz".

    " What bread would you like?"


    "Footlong or six inches" hheheheh

    " err footlong" (wondering what she was talkign about???)

    " what would you like in it?"


    So she puts some salami in it

    "what else would you like?"

    "Something spicy and Italian maybe?"

    WTF do people stick photos on a board for, name something and then have no fuckin clue as to what to do?

    I mean spicy Italian in subway would lead to three safe assumptions. Firstly because your in subway its going to be a fuckin roll or sandwich! Secondly, because its spicy youll expect spicy food and lastly because its Italian, the n youd expect Italian.

    never mind ffs,

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    Thank goodness you didn't ask for a big meat tasty (BMT). Heh. Heh.

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    Your ass must have been sore after a 12" ( foot long ) spicy italiano.
    Who loves ya baby......!!

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