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Thread: What does the US Rescue Industry do with $686m a year? (long read)

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    Post What does the US Rescue Industry do with $686m a year? (long read)

    Special Report: Money and Lies in Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs

    [I]n the world of anti-trafficking organizations, money and lies are deeply - perhaps inextricably - tied. The false claims, forwarded as fact, are big. So is the money that's spent and received in the service of those claims - more than half a billion dollars in recent years. That we know of.
    In all, 50 of the most prominent anti-trafficking organizations in the United States are estimated to share around $686 million - an amount that would place them approximately 184th on the UN's ranking of nations by GDP, right above Samoa. And that, as we will see, could be a very low estimate.
    As we will see, many organizations that focus on "raising awareness of trafficking" aren't providing factual information at all. In fact, given their frequently narrow interpretation of "human trafficking," as a synonym for "female sex slavery," and given the wide range of organizations spread across the United States, the anti-trafficking movement seems primarily intent on raising a moral panic. This may be a good way to push through conservative and, to some, oppressive legislation, as some have suggested. But leading a moral crusade is definitely lucrative.
    (emphasis mine)
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    I imagine this is how it might disappear.

    Finance director: "Let's see how to spend 686 million in a year..."
    Team member: "we could follow protocol sir"
    Finance director: "Ahhh yes our all expense flights, increase pay checks and cushion our nest eggs"
    Team member: "will we blame the lack of action on third party corruption and security?"
    Finance director: "yes"
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    Im guessing its fuck all, its fuck all isnt it
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    Apart from the propaganda to fuel next year's funding, pretty much fuck all, yes.

    Oh, and making some people's lives a misery and more dangerous, getting them arrested and either making them homeless and losing their kids, or being brainwashed in some religious home. Trivial details to these people.

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    It's the same as any other organisation that receives money, the idea is that it keeps receiving money so that all the employees get paid so they can continue their "invaluable" work to rid society of every evil and injustice known.

    Do you think that people want famine to cease, homelessness to cease, cancer to be cured, or basically the world to be perfect? Where would all these aid workers, researchers work? Of course some people working in these organisations do want the world to be perfect but if you were at the top earning 6 figure salaries would you want it all to stop.

    There is too much money involved and where there is money there is greed, where there is greed there is corruption, this is where organisations beef up figures on how bad things are and that there organisation is needed so bad and that so many vulnerable people need them and how great are we!

    Cynical? Realist? Dillusional? No faith in humanity? Maybe a little but it's just my opinion.

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