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Thread: New Tour Dates, Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Derry, Belfast, Dundal

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    Dick New Tour Dates, Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Derry, Belfast, Dundal

    New Tour Dates, Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Derry, Belfast,Drogheda, Dundalk

    Feb 2015

    Limerick from Tues 5pm on the 3rd of Feb departing at 10.30pm on the 6th
    Tralee from 4pm on the 9th departing on the 10 at 12 noon
    Killarney from 4pm on the 10th departing at 11pm
    Cork from 10am on the 11th departing on the 12th at noon
    Waterford from 3pm on the 12 departing on the 13th at noon.
    Dublin from 4pm on the 17th departing 20th at noon.

    March 2015 (first two weeks in March)
    Galway, Longford, Sligo, Derry, Belfast, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin (please check out my website at for these upcoming tour dates on Friday) Once you have typed my website address into the browser just scroll down and click the tick to enter my site and then click ďTour DatesĒ

    Donít forget guys when I am in a city or town for only one day I only have a min of 45 minutes appointment so I am able to keep things discreet for all parties concerned and bookings must be made in advance via my email address and please remember to put the heading as the city or town you would like to meet for a fun erotic adventures interlude and to secure you booking so I donít have to double book due to the time waster out there, so if you are serious about making a genuine booking I charge a 20 meteor or O2 credit which is then refunded so long as you turn up on time and of course keep your agreed time and date of the booking.
    Donít forget to mention what date and time plus the type of booking you are hoping to share with me but please be discreet as I am sure you also donít like to leave a paper trail either. Please ensure once you have emailed me your detail mentioned you call for a chat to confirm the booking etc. before sending any credit to me.

    And donít forget as I donít always advertise on website itís always best to check my own website out first and foremost for tours or any amendments.

    Look forward to meeting old and new friends for some hot kinky fun soon

    All the very best
    Lady Von Teese
    Donít forget all my photos are genuine and have not been photo shopped or taken by a professional photographer either. I only have safe clean protected fun with likeminded people who also like to keep things very very discreet.

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