Hi guys these are my new tour dates but please be sure you book in advance on the first day I arrive in a city or town by you if you are wanting an appointment with me Otherwise you may find I am already fully booked for those fun and hot erotic kinky games and adventures I so love playing. I am also known as MISS TEASE

Don’t forget I never use a professional photographer or photo shop any of my photos so it will be me you will be meeting up with and of course the very same person in my photos.

As always all my photos are taken from my movie clips and these have also. You will find all my new movies clip when will be added to the new 52 page website coming soon so but I am still using my website and have already put a few more photos up for you to check out. And dont forget it’s always so much safer to contact via my ladyvonteese@gmail account as I will be the only person reading your messages so please be sure to put the heading of the city in the email where you are hoping to meet.

I only do what I love to do, and I sell me time not services.

All the very best and keep your eyes peeled as I will put some more of yesterday’s filming after midnight tonight on one of the other touring sections and thank again to you-know-who for the fun taking these shoots today.

New tour dates and time at and you’ll always see them there first and of course when I am not advertising here on EI

Please check my website for arrival times and dates as they are not up on EI
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DONT FORGET I HAVE A TWITTER AND A FACE BOOK ACCOUNT SO IF WE HAVE MET, EMAIL ME AT to get the link and to make a booking more private. xxxx



Jan 2015

Please not it is always best to book in advance between 11am - 3pm and 5pm - 6.30pm as these are my busiest times so may not be able to answer you calls then. As when staying in many hotels and apartment with a reception I will only have a min of 45 mins appointments only as I also find 30 min just flys by far too quicky to realy injoy the fun together.

If you need more information please read the red writting below these tour dates.

All the best and look forward to meeting up with you soon.

Dublin Fully Booked

17th Jan fully booked

18th Jan fully booked

Kerry Kilarney

19th Jan 6pm - 10pm only

20th Jan 12 noon - 10pm

21st Jan 12 noon - 10pm

22nd Jan 12 noon- 10pm


23rd Jan 4pm - 10pm

24th Jan 11am - 10pm

25th Jan 11am-10pm


26th Jan 5pm-10pm

27th Jan 12 noon - 10pm

Dublin 1,

28th Jan fully booked

29th Jan 5pm - 10.30pm

30th Jan 12 noon - 10pm

Louis and Limerick then to the following places below. check out

Dublin 2, Dundalk, Belfast, Loais, Galway and other cities coming soon

If you are looking to meet with me for 3 hours or more and would like to meet not on these dates please send me an email with the date, time, how long you wish your booking for and the type of booking you are hoping to share while still remaining discreet in your words as neither I or you wish to leave a papper trail.
Once I have recieved your email I will then contact you to have a chat about out meeting to ensure we are not only are compatible but also that we will be "both" having the time of our lifes.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best
Lady Von Teese

Please be sure to read all the information noted on this page in red if you wish me to take your request of a booking with me seriously.... Please note other useful information if you wish to take you're booking with me seriously......

• I do not text or sex chat or take bookings via text message.

• I do not offer A levels or any form of unsafe services and if I don't have fun with you the first time we meet. I see no point in wasting my time or your money so I will not be seeing you again. As there is no point if we are not compatible and I am not a dog who dose tricks for money and only offer "real" GFE and Fetish appointments.

• I like to keep things very discreet not only for my clients but for myself and the places where I work too so I only work from 10am - 10pm with new clients regular clients depending on where I am staying will be 11pm last appointment if pre-booked with a deposit only.

• Those who are "serious" about making a booking and do not wish me to double book like most girls do and they are not left standing outside without their agreed appointment. To be guaranteed once we have agreed date, time, how long you wish to make a booking for and we are compatible to have a fun sexy and erotic time shared by both parties. Please go to any shop, garage or supermarket and ask for either the 10 or 20 Meteor credit. Then text me the 12 digit pin number (not the 14 digit number) and I will text back confirming the credit has gone through and direction where to go and once I have ensured you are at the agreed location, well the our sexy erotic hot and sensual fun begins. Loll

CoolAll Booking which are booked in advance and have a pre-paid deposit will always come first and formost to any others! LaughingWink

• Please note those wishing the more hard-core fetishes such as hard sports, castrations or limbs removed this type of fetish is not something I cater for due to I personally would not have fun with such fetishes. I am more into the milder side of the fetish scene and role plays of all sorts. I never play the part of the submissive only the Dom when in role plays.

Definition of a Time Waster...

• Someone who calls to make a booking and asked questions such as prices etc. which are already on my profile.

• Someone who call's with a with-held telephone number or text to make a booking. Please note if you do this I will answer my telephone but will not speak and just waste your credit each time you call.

• I will not have appointment who ask silly question such as what I get for my money.

• I will not have appointments with someone who expect a GFE but just wishes to re-an-act a porn movies in a half or hour's appointment which the movie in question would have taken 6-8 hours to film and cut down to a 5 or 10 minuet clip. I only offer "real" GFE and fetish appointments (or GFE and Fetish appointments combined).

• I will not have appointments with anyone who has bad dental or personal hygiene. (I understand we all have to work and some may wish to take care of their hygiene once they are at my place which is no problem but this is your time so when possible please take care of your personal hygiene before you arrive to me.

• If you book an appointment with me and don't cancel an hour before hand then I will save your telephone number in my phone as a time waster and will not have any other appointments with you.

• If you book an appointment with me and have cancelled twice and we have never met, I will put your telephone number on Ugly Mugs on Escort Ireland to warn others you are a time waster.

• If you make a booking and are not at the place when you call to confirm you are outside the agreed place I will put your telephone number on Ugly Mugs on Escort Ireland to warn others you are a time waster.

• Like most of the girls due to the time wasters and scammer's in this business they will double book and like many clients you may find yourself standing outside wondering why the girl you have made your booking with is not answering the phone when you arrive at the agreed destination and you too have been now left standing without the agreed appointment so If you wish I not to double book I would once we have spoken on the phone agreed we are in fact into the same things and I offer this service, agreed a time and for how long you wish to make a booking. To ensure I keep the agreed appointment for you (regardless if we have met before as I have had regular clients waste my time too) you may text me over a Meteor credit of 10 Euros for half an hour or 20 Meteor for an hour and once I have checked it I will text you back confirming our appointment. Please note if it's for an hour this is NOT an extra charge as when we meet it will be 180 for the hour then and 90 for the half hour.

• If you are in anyway an uncouth person who has managed to come to see me and make any violent jesters to me, my security or try anything where I/we may feel threatened I will not hesitate to call the Police and have you charged as I pay my Tax's and will NOT tolerate such behaviour from any person

UK Tele No: 0044 7961 996 904 If tour dates state I am in another country than you should contact me on that contact telephone number.

Ireland Tele No: 00353 85 170 5664

I expect my boundaries to be respected as I respect yours.

To any unsavoury charters who may be looking at my profile be warned I would not hesitate to contact the correct authority of any unwanted attention or abuse.