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Thread: Does snow stop your play?

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    Default Does snow stop your play?

    Hello and good morning !!

    So theres been some snow, boooo! I hate snow, do you like snow? Does it take you back to being a child building snow men? I used to build snow bunnies :-) I think I might go and buy a sleigh, anyone fancy climbing cavehill with me to sleigh down it again.... I must be mad

    Does this weather keep you from sneaking of for some lunch time fun? or any time of the day really? I got up early to listen to something on the radio, which never aired, and have had my heating on since 8am so nice and toasty if anyone needs to be warmed up :-)


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    Only if your'e a brass monkey or a small dog

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    I love the snow, nothing nicer than a stroll in the country feeding the little birds on the way, all wrapped up nice an snug xxx
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    The race down Cavehill sounds fun
    Has stopped play for me, not going to drive in the snow so I am holed up warm and toasty and turning the phone off.
    Snow is at its prettiest viewed from a warm sitting room or outside in the company of others, I do love the crisp air and the crunch underfoot.

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    I have enjoyed a lovely walk with the dog this morning, not another person to be seen anywhere, now the snow is melting maybe my phone might start ringing lol

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